What do the planets mean on Snapchat?

What do the planets mean on Snapchat

The planets on Snapchat, like many other emojis, are part of the app’s system of indicating various levels of friendship or interaction between users. The use of planets can be both fun and functional, adding a layer of creativity and personalization to communication.

1. Friendship Tiers

Snapchat has a unique way of categorizing friendships through emojis, and the planets play a role in this system. Traditionally, Snapchat uses emojis such as the Yellow Heart, Red Heart, and Pink Hearts to denote different levels of friendship. The planets complement this system by adding a cosmic touch.

What do the planets mean on Snapchat

  • Mercury: This planet typically represents a high-speed, fast-paced interaction. If you see the Mercury emoji, it might indicate that you are rapidly snapping each other.
  • Venus: As the planet associated with love and beauty, the Venus emoji could symbolize a close connection or strong bond with a particular friend. It might mean that you frequently exchange snaps, signifying a positive and affectionate relationship.
  • Earth: This planet might represent a more grounded, down-to-earth connection. It could be someone you snap casually but not as frequently as those with the Mercury or Venus emojis.
  • Mars: Known for its reddish appearance, Mars might signify a snap streak. A snap streak occurs when you and a friend exchange snaps for consecutive days. The Mars emoji could indicate that you’re on a streak with that particular friend.
  • Jupiter: As the largest planet, Jupiter could represent a significant friend. This might be someone you’ve been friends with for a long time or someone you frequently exchange snaps with, indicating a substantial friendship.
  • Saturn: This planet could denote a deep connection or a level of commitment. It might signify a strong and lasting friendship that goes beyond casual snapping.
  • Uranus: With its unique sideways rotation, Uranus might represent an unexpected or quirky friendship. This could be someone you snap in a less conventional manner or share unconventional content with.
  • Neptune: Neptune, associated with mystery and imagination, might signify a friend with whom you share creative or imaginative snaps. It could also represent a more mysterious or unpredictable friendship.

2. Snapchat Streaks

The use of the Mars emoji, in particular, often ties into the concept of Snapchat streaks. A streak is created when two users send each other snaps for consecutive days. The Mars emoji acts as a visible indicator of an ongoing streak, making it easy for users to see who they are currently on a streak with and how long it has been going.

3. Personalization and Expression

Beyond the functional aspects, the inclusion of planets in Snapchat allows users to personalize their interactions and express their feelings about friendships in a creative way. Users can choose the emojis that best represent their relationships and create a unique visual language within the app.

4. Keeping Things Light and Fun

Snapchat, as a platform, aims to keep communication light-hearted and fun. The use of planets adds a playful and whimsical element to the user experience. It encourages users to engage with the app in a creative and enjoyable manner, fostering a positive environment for communication.

5.Evolution of Features:

It’s essential to note that Snapchat frequently updates its features, and new emojis or meanings may be introduced over time. Users should stay informed about the latest updates and features to fully understand the evolving language of emojis on Snapchat.


The planets on Snapchat serve as creative and expressive tools for users to symbolize different levels of friendship and interaction. Whether indicating the intensity of a snap streak or representing the depth of a connection, these emojis contribute to the unique and dynamic communication culture that Snapchat promotes. As social media platforms continue to evolve, users can expect to see new features and symbols that add layers of meaning to their online interactions.

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