What are the IPL fantasy points systems?

What are the IPL fantasy points systems

Fantasy cricket has grown exponentially in popularity, especially with the advent of major tournaments like the Indian Premier League (IPL). The IPL, a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India, has captivated millions of fans worldwide, offering not just exhilarating matches but also an immersive fantasy cricket experience. In fantasy cricket, participants create virtual teams comprising real-life players from the IPL and earn points based on their performances in actual matches. To facilitate fair competition and engagement, various IPL fantasy platforms employ intricate points systems, which are fundamental in determining the success of fantasy teams. Let’s delve into the diverse IPL fantasy points systems commonly used:

What are the IPL fantasy points systems

Batting Points:

  • Runs Scored: Players earn points based on the number of runs they score in a match. Typically, every run adds a certain number of points to a player’s tally.
  • Boundary Points: Boundary hits, such as fours and sixes, often fetch additional points to reflect aggressive batting.
  • Milestone Bonuses: Batsmen may receive bonus points upon achieving milestones like half-centuries or centuries, incentivizing consistent and impactful performances.

Bowling Points:

  • Wickets Taken: Bowlers accrue points for every wicket they claim during a match. The points awarded per wicket may vary based on factors like match format and difficulty of wicket-taking.
  • Maiden Overs: Delivering a maiden over, where no runs are conceded, can earn bowlers extra points, rewarding accuracy and pressure-building.
  • Economy Rate: Bowlers may receive points for maintaining a low economy rate, which reflects their ability to control the flow of runs.

Fielding Points:

  • Catches and Run Outs: Fielders gain points for taking catches or executing run-outs, contributing to their team’s defensive efforts.
  • Stumpings: Wicketkeepers receive points for effecting stumpings, showcasing their agility and sharpness behind the stumps.

Bonus Points:

  • Captain and Vice-Captain Bonus: Fantasy players often designate a captain and vice-captain for their team, whose performances yield additional points at an enhanced rate. This feature adds strategic depth to team selection.
  • Powerplay Bonus: Some fantasy platforms offer bonus points for players performing well during powerplay overs, encouraging users to focus on early-game dominance.

Negative Points:

  • Duck Penalty: Batsmen may incur negative points for getting dismissed without scoring any runs, discouraging reckless batting.
  • Economy Rate Penalty: Bowlers who concede runs at an excessively high rate might face deductions in points, promoting disciplined bowling.

Performance Multipliers:

  • Match Impact: Fantasy platforms may incorporate algorithms to assess a player’s overall impact on the match, assigning multipliers to their points based on factors like match result, pressure situations, and individual contributions.
  • Form Multipliers: Players in exceptional form might receive multiplier bonuses, amplifying their points accumulation and rewarding consistency across matches.

Tournament-specific Points:

  • Playoff Performance: In knockout stages or playoffs, players may earn extra points for standout performances, reflecting their ability to deliver under pressure.
  • Player of the Match: The player adjudged as the match’s best performer often receives bonus points, mirroring their exceptional contribution to the game’s outcome.

Live Bonus Points:

  • Real-time Contributions: Some fantasy platforms offer live bonus points, updating scores dynamically based on players’ performances during ongoing matches. This feature enhances user engagement and excitement during live games.

Customization Options:

  • Flexibility: Fantasy cricket platforms may allow users to customize points systems to suit their preferences or create private leagues with unique scoring rules, fostering community engagement and friendly competition.


In conclusion, the IPL fantasy points systems form the backbone of the immersive and competitive fantasy cricket experience associated with the tournament. By meticulously evaluating players’ performances across various parameters and incorporating bonuses, multipliers, and penalties, these systems ensure fairness, excitement, and strategic depth in fantasy cricket gameplay. Whether casual fans or seasoned enthusiasts, participants can immerse themselves in the thrill of crafting winning teams and competing for fantasy supremacy throughout the IPL season.

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