5 Best Headphones Under 3000 in India – 2022 Quality Headphones

Best headphones under 3000 in india

Headphones are presently a significant piece of our life that permits us to appreciate quality music. Headphones arrive in a wide reach, yet not all individuals can bear the cost of the expensive earphones. In this way, 3000 is a decent reach that has a few reasonable yet great earphones that you can purchase. On the off chance that you are searching for good earphones under 3000, you are at the best spot.

In any case, before that, you ought to have information that what includes an earphone must-have for a decent listening experience.

headphones under 3000

Here are the primary highlights that you ought to look into in an earphone:

  • Great sound innovation
  • Great Drivers
  • Convenience and solace
  • Strength
  • Battery duration

We have organized the rundown of best earphones in the spending plan of 3000. While making this rundown, we have considered a few elements to list the most ideal earphones that anyone could hope to find in India. These elements incorporate form, sound, clamor confinement, and solace. Thus, this rundown incorporates the best earphones under 3000.

It is actually quite significant that the rundown is just for earphones under Rs. 3000. I will make a different rundown of headphones under 3000.

Best Headphones Under 3000

  • 1. Sony WH-CH510
  • 2. JBL T460BT
  • 3. Skullcandy Uproar Wireless
  • 4. Fire-Boltt Blast 1400
  • 5. Sony MDR-XB550AP

1. Sony WH-CH510

Sony WH-CH510

Sony WH-CH510 earphone has noteworthy sound and uncommon battery reinforcement. The sound nature of the earphone is great and offers a reasonable result yet the earphone needs commotion undoing. It has an implicit mic which gives a decent encounter of calling. The mic has appropriate clamor wiping out which confines outside sounds during calls. The earphone has as long as 35 hours of battery reinforcement in a solitary full charge.

The earphone is likewise viable with the telephone’s voice associate. To initiate Google Assistant or Siri, simply twofold press the middle button.

The earphone includes no waterproof rating. Along these lines, in the event that you are purchasing this, kindly protect it from water sprinkles and abstain from utilizing it during precipitation or swimming.

Key Specs:

  • Driver: 30mm
  • 20 Hz-20,000 Hz
  • Bluetooth 5.0 (A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP)
  • sans hands calling
  • Voice Assistant Support

2. JBL T460BT


JBL T460BT is a level foldable, lightweight, and agreeable Headphone with JBL Pure Bass sound that gives an unrivaled listening experience. It has a couple of 32mm drivers that gives a serious bass to this earphone. It has call controls/receivers on the ear cup and has 11 hours of recess under ideal sound settings.

Key Specs:

  • JBL Pure Bass sound
  • Sets of 32mm drivers
  • Remote Bluetooth Streaming
  • Call and music controls on earcup
  • 11 hours of recess under ideal sound settings
  • Level foldable, lightweight, and agreeable Headphone

3. Skullcandy Uproar Wireless

Skullcandy Uproar Wireless SCS5URHW-457

The Skullcandy Uproar Wireless has strong bass and contortion free sound. It is lightweight and reasonable earphones that you can purchase for under 3000 . The earphone has as long as 10 hours of battery duration in a solitary charge. It doesn’t uphold a 3.5mm sound link which implies you can not utilize it when the battery of this earphone is down.

The earphone has an in-fabricated mic and in addition to short fasten for volume control. This remote earphone under 3000 has a Bluetooth network choice that interfaces earphones to any gadget up to 33 feet away.

Key Specs:

  • Strong bass and regular vocals
  • Bluetooth: up to 33 feet away
  • 10-hour battery duration
  • inbuilt mic
  • volume buttons
  • Delicate ear cushions

4. Fire-Boltt Blast 1400

Fire-Boltt Blast 1400

The Fire-Boltt Blast 1400 is a Bluetooth remote earphone under 3000 in India. It is comprised of major areas of strength for a, lightweight plan created with premium materials. It has foldable cups and a movable headband that assumes less position away. It has 40mm enormous gap drivers that convey charming sound and pounding bass in this remote earphone. The 90dB gives a profound, strong, and fresh sound. It has internal and external rings that convey lively bass, distinctive middle and fiery highs without cross-over.

Key Specs:

  • Solid, and lightweight plan created with premium materials
  • 40mm huge opening drivers
  • Siri voice collaborator
  • underlying 430mAh Li-particle battery
  • Around 25 hours of battery reinforcement

5. Sony MDR-XB550AP

Sony MDR-XB550AP

Sony MDR-XB550AP is a snazzy and great earphone for a decent music experience. It has a 30 mm dynamic driver unit for conveying clearly sound. It accompanies additional bass innovation that offers profound bass notes. It likewise has a Bass promoter that enhances low-end frequencies. It offers a reasonable sound and great bass. In this way, the general music experience will be marvelous. It offers a decent separated encounter, to keep away from any commotion from encompassing to hinder you.

It has a metallic headband yet plastic Earcups. The ear pads are produced using delicate fake calfskin offering an agreeable encounter. The without tangle wire is associated with both ear cups. It comes in a few variety choices. Along these lines, pick what suits you.

Key Specs:

  • 30 mm dynamic drivers.
  • 102dB/mW awareness.
  • 24 ohms of impedance.
  • 5Hz to 22,000 Hz recurrence reaction.
  • Profound bass element.
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