Difference between RAM and ROM – (with Comparison Chart)

In spite of the fact that RAM and ROM both are the interior recollections of the PC, they are not the same as one another concerning their purposes, stockpiling limit, actual size, from there, the sky is the limit. Allow us to perceive how they contrast from one another.

Difference between RAM and ROM

What is RAM:

Smash represents Random Access Memory. It is the inner memory of the CPU as an equipment gadget situated on the motherboard of a PC. It is intended to store information, projects, and consequences of a program when a PC is turned on. It is the perused and compose memory of a PC as we can compose data to it as well as perused from it.

ram memory

Besides, RAM is an unpredictable memory as it can’t store information and guidelines for all time. For instance, when we switch on a PC, the directions from the hard circle are put away in the RAM. These directions incorporate the working framework (OS) and different projects which are expected to run a PC. Central processor utilizes these guidelines to play out the undertakings expected to run the PC. This information is held by the RAM as long as the PC is on, the second you shut it down, the RAM loses the information. The justification behind moving the information to RAM is that it is simple and quick to peruse information from RAM when contrasted with perusing it from the hard drive.

What is ROM:

ROM represents read only memory. A non-unpredictable memory stores data forever, in any event, when the power is switched off. Like RAM, it is additionally the essential memory of a PC. It is called read only memory as the projects and information put away in it tends to be perused yet can’t be composed on it.

rom memory

At the hour of assembling, the maker fills the ROM with programs that can’t be adjusted later. Along these lines, you can’t reinvent, revamp, or delete its information after it is fabricated. Nonetheless, in certain kinds of ROM, you can change the put away information. A few normal instances of ROM incorporate cartridge utilized in computer game control center, the information put away for all time on PCs, and other electronic gadgets like cell phones, tablets, TV, AC, and so on.

A portion of the vital contrasts among RAM and ROM are as per the following:


  • It is a brief memory of the PC.
  • It is a perused compose memory. The information can be composed and perused.
  • It is an unpredictable memory as it briefly stores the documents as long as the PC is on and working.
  • The capacity limit goes from 1 to 256 GB.
  • It is huge in size than ROM. It comes in two distinct sizes for use in personal computers and PCs. A work area slam is around 5.5 crawls long and 1 inch in width. While, the Laptop RAM is around a portion of the length of work area RAM.
  • Information put away in RAM can be recovered and adjusted.
  • It is quicker than ROM as it is a high velocity memory.
  • The information put away in RAM is involved by the CPU continuously to run the PC.
  • It briefly stores the documents and information that the CPU needs to handle the ongoing guidelines or work.
  • Models: It is utilized as CPU Cache, Primary Memory in a PC.
  • The put away information is not difficult to get to.
  • It is costlier than ROM.
  • Types: DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory), SRAM (Static Random Access Memory).


  • It is the super durable memory of the PC.
  • It is a perused just memory. The information must be perused.
  • It is a non-unpredictable memory as it for all time stores the records in any event, when the power is switched off, for example, game cartridge and BIOS program put away in the memory of a PC, and so on.
  • Its capacity limit goes from 4 to 8 MB.
  • Its size goes from under an inch long to numerous creeps long and width in light of their utilization. It has less limit than RAM.
  • We can peruse the information put away in ROM. It can’t be modified.
  • It is more slow than the RAM.
  • The information put away in ROM is utilized by CPU just when it is moved to RAM.
  • It stores the BIOS program on the motherboard of a PC, which is expected to bootstrap the PC.
  • Models: It is utilized as Firmware by miniature regulators.
  • The put away information isn’t as simple to access for what it’s worth in ROM.
  • It is less expensive than RAM.
  • Types: PROM (programmable read-just memory), EPROM (erasable programmable read-just memory), EEPROM( electrically erasable programmable ROM), Mask ROM.
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