Best Mouse under 500 in INDIA (Expert Guide)

Best Mouse under 500 in INDIA

There are a ton of extraordinary mice out there in the wired, remote, and gaming sections, yet which is the best mouse under 500?

Different top brands like Logitech, Dell, HP, and others have fabulous choices for the different mouse types like USB wired, remote, and gaming mice (with Programmable buttons, RGB lighting, and Customizable DPI).

Best Mouse under 500

As a PC client, particularly one who goes through hours daily on the PC, you know that having a decent mouse for the gig is significant.

Best Mouse under 500 in INDIA (Expert Guide)

  • 1. HP X1000 Wired Mouse
  • 2. Lenovo 300 Wired USB Mouse
  • 3. Logitech M90 Wired USB Mouse
  • 4. Zinq Technologies 1070 USB Gaming Mouse
  • 5. Dell Ms116 Optical Mouse

1. HP X1000 Wired Mouse

HP X1000 Wired Mouse

HP X1000 is an incredible mouse for your everyday work. The main thing is I was truly astonished by its amazing looks. How might a mouse with just dark variety look so great? It is really adorable and would add magnificence to your work area.

It accompanies every one of the fundamental elements that you can get with a Wired USB Optical Mouse. It has no deferral or slack and it performs brilliantly in all errands you give it. You will track down this mouse as a solid little mouse at this cost of 500 INR.


  • The lustrous dark upper completion
  • HP X1000 has an optical sensor and has a DPI of 1600
  • Its Dimension is 9.4 * 5.7 *3.9 cm and weighs 90g.
  • Viable with Windows XP/Vista/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • It is covered by a 2 Years Brand Warranty.

In the event that you are an ordinary client and decide to utilize a wired USB mouse, I would prescribe the HP X1000 to purchase. You will be astonished by its looks.

2. Lenovo 300 Wired USB Mouse

Lenovo 300 Wired USB Mouse

Lenovo 300 is a wonderful spending plan mouse decision in this value fragment of ₹ 500. This Lenovo mouse comes in 2 variations. One is wired and another remote. This mouse has a basic plan that might engage a few clients. On the off chance that you like a straightforwardly planned mouse, this is a decent mouse.

You can check its wired and remote variations, which are comparative in determinations and execution somewhat. Just you want to pay more if you have any desire to have a remote variation with this mouse.


  • Lenovo 300 accompanies 1600 dpi for exact optical following under 500
  • It has a guarantee of 3 years.

Lenovo 300 is marvelous on the off chance that you want a mouse for your day to day work.

This will fulfill every one of your requirements. Lenovo 300 Wired mouse is actually a decent decision.

3. Logitech M90 Wired USB Mouse

Logitech M90 is a marvelous wired mouse to search in this financial plan of Rs 500 in India. On the off chance that you are a typical client you would doubtlessly cherish this item. This probably won’t be the ideal mouse for gamers yet for any broad use, it’s our most ideal decision in the rundown.

Logitech M90 Wired USB Mouse

You won’t ever lament purchasing a Logitech mouse under 500. Their items are great to such an extent that it doesn’t disappoint even with their financial plan portion offering.

This mouse is a standard mouse and is likewise great for enormous hands. Likewise on the off chance that I enlighten you regarding the solace, it is truly agreeabl e to work with this for a long span. Logitech M90 has every one of the essential highlights that a fundamental wired mouse ought to have. You would be fulfilled utilizing this mouse.


  • It is a wired Optical Mouse with a DPI of 1000
  • It has an Ambidextrous design(can be utilized with one or the other left or right hand)
  • It would chip away at Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS.
  • It has an element of 430.71 x 403.15 x 418.5 cm and weighs 82 Grams

I truly like Logitech Mouse as they truly legitimize the cost we pay for their mouse. I truly feel that this Logitech M90 is a genuine incentive for cash item. Logitech M90 is the best mouse under 500.

4. Zinq Technologies 1070 USB Gaming Mouse

Goodness, what a gaming mouse under Rs 500! Punch Technologies 1070 Gaming Mouse is simply astounding. In the event that you are a Gamer, this mouse is actually a pleasure for your gaming. What else do you really want in a gaming mouse? This mouse offers astounding RGB backdrop illumination impacts that would lift your gaming experience positively.

Zinq Technologies 1070 USB Gaming Mouse

You can likewise change DPI from 800 to an incredible 3200 DPI, which would allow you to try and involve this mouse for different purposes other than gaming.

There is something else entirely to it. It has an elastic parchment wheel, and that implies looking over will likewise be a joy. Simply check its plan out. It simply looks wonderful as a gaming mouse. Indeed, even you can see these kinds of planned gaming mice at a more exorbitant cost section.


  • Staggering Gaming Look with 7 Breathing RGB Colors
  • 6 adaptable buttons: 4 on top, 2 on sides, and parchment.
  • Variable DPI (800,1600, 2400 and 3200 choices)
  • Intended for FPS gamers

However it is just viable with Windows, we normally mess around on Windows OS. So in the event that you are a gamer utilizing Windows, this is an enthusiastically suggested item. It is a value for the money.

5. Dell Ms116 Optical Mouse

Dell fabricates great quality PC peripherals and their items are really dependable. You could as of now have been utilizing a Dell item beforehand.

Dell Ms116 Optical Mouse

Dell MS116 is an optical mouse that highlights Optical Tracking on a superficial level and would assist you to tackle your normal undertaking with its 1000 DPI following.

The line is 6ft long which is sufficient to associate with your PC.

This mouse is a regular wired USB mouse that is great for a wide range of clients. You can undoubtedly perform undertakings like altering, planning, perusing, watching recordings, and any remaining things easily with this mouse.


  • It is a wired Optical USB mouse with 1000 DPI optical following
  • It has Windows and Mac OS similarity
  • Its aspect is 11.35*6.1*3.61cm and weighs 86.18g
  • Its link length is 6ft which is fair.
  • It has an able to use both hands plan

Dell MS116 is a Good Optical mouse in this cost fragment with straightforward matte dark looks. The plan looks a piece obsolete to me.

In any case, in the event that you like a straightforward looking mouse with essential determinations and on the off chance that you respect Dell Brand, this mouse is a positive decision for you.

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