5 Best Gaming Mouse Under 3000 Rs In India


The mouse is a pivotal PC extra for running your PC framework, and a remote mouse is so versatile and easy to use with added capabilities that you really want to have one. We have smoothed out the entire methodology for you assuming that you are looking for the most sensitive mouse. While the vast majority of us stress over updating our frameworks and applications, we don’t think about the mouse. The time has come to comprehend what makes it unique and get the most fragile mouse for yourself.

Check the full specs of India’s best gaming mouse that we have decided for you without more data. Assuming you go through this rundown and note your requirements to choose the best spending plan gaming Mouse Under 3000 from the rundown that we created for you, you might have the option to understand.

5 Best Gaming Mouse Under 3000 Rs In India

  • 1. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Wired Gaming Mouse
  • 2. Logitech G 304 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • 3. Razer Viper Mini Wired USB Gaming Mouse
  • 4. Corsair M55 RGB Pro Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse
  • 5. Logitech 910-004069 Gaming Mouse

1] Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Wired Gaming Mouse

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Wired Gaming Mouse

Logitech is the main supplier of mouse advancements and is regarded for a portion of India’s best remote mouses. The Logitech G402 Mouse should be viable with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, with Mac OS X form 10.5 or later or Linux 2.6+ and a USB port. It is likewise ergonomically worked to keep your hands and fingers agreeable, as well as being little and classy. It will be no less than one year before new AA batteries are required; hence, this is major areas of strength for another. One of the most amazing gaming mouse.

  • The optical following capability takes into account definite snap and show of up to 1000 Hz on the screen.
  • It gives a 2.4 GHz remote association upheld by unification and is anticipated to be 10 meters.
  • It is quite light and simple to pack into your baggage for any convenient weight, weighing just 84 grams.
  • The A-15 game mouse Redgear is India’s most satisfactory spending plan game mouse. With its product, it empowers most extreme customization.

The best gaming mouse has a semi-wave shape that permits the players to get a handle on better. You might increment versatility during interactive experiences by utilizing multi-programmable buttons on the mouse. Also, your DPI, RGB, as expected for the game arrangement, is not difficult to control.


  • Incredible sensor for superior execution
  • RGB lighting included
  • A few buttons for various capabilities


  • Somewhat heavier.

2] Logitech G 304 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G 304 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G 304 is the most reasonable best gaming mouse in India in 2019 in exemplary dark. With a battery weight of just 70.5 grams, this lightweight association gives a strong battery duration of a year with current usefulness.

  • It has a scope of 1000 dpi, which is roughly 10 meters. It is not difficult to coordinate it with your framework since you plug into the USB port on the little remote receptor.
  • It likewise includes a modern optical checking highlight that assists it with working effectively.
  • Not at all like most other mouse brands, UtechSmart primarily fabricates versatile embellishments that give some interesting MMO mouse types.

The second situation in this rundown is Utech Smart’s Venus Pro best gaming mouse since it is one of only a handful of exceptional conceivable remote choices there. It actually has a very good quality 16000 DPI sensor despite the fact that it is a remote mouse.


  • Long lifetime of the battery
  • Good exactness of the sensor


  • The quality structure might have been something more

3] Razer Viper Mini Wired USB Gaming Mouse

Razer Viper Mini Wired USB Gaming Mouse

This Razer Viper best gaming mouse has elite elements and creative innovation to furnish you with a smooth involvement in similar high Razer Viper principles. It works at 2.4 GHz, so you can remotely work it inside 10 meters.
The parchment is smooth, point route and an optical scanner that might be changed gives free decision. This rich Razer Viper mouse is coordinated with Bluetooth and upholds a few working frameworks, like Windows 7/8/XP/Vista.


  • MMO gaming mouse with high cash
  • Incorporates a few side keys
  • Comes has a weight framework movable


  • It very well may be somewhat enormous for a couple of individuals

4] Corsair M55 RGB Pro Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Corsair M55 RGB Pro Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Corsair M55 RGB has been a famous brand of PCs for a really long time and is given to numerous people. Corsair M55 RGB is for people who need PC extras that might be effectively utilized without an excess of innovation. What’s more, on the pocket, it’s cheap.

  • This Corsair M55 RGB best gaming mouse has been planned in a tear structure and is looked and touchy, yet offers agreeable route.
  • might interface it to the USB recipient. It is ideally suited for simple perusing with an enemy of slip capability.
  • It tends to be utilized serenely for a really long time without focusing on your hands; nonetheless, it is heavier than a couple of top Mice with a load of 59 g. One of the most incredible gaming mouse.


  • Inbuilt seven variety lighting
  • Genuinely reasonable MMO mouse


  • A predetermined number of buttons

5] Logitech 910-004069 Gaming Mouse

Logitech 910-004069 Gaming Mouse

Logitech 910-004069 is notable for propels in PCs and extras are generally needed and mechanically complex for serious rates. This Redgear A-15 best gaming mouse is moreover legitimate and isn’t deluding. While Logitech 910-004069 weighs 136 grams of remote mouse, they don’t appear to be critical or weighty. For sure, a straightforward fitting and-play establishment is ideally suited for both homegrown and business clients through the beneficiary in the case.

The battery is one extended and Windows 7, Android Linux, and Chrome viable. Using a solitary beneficiary, 6 viable gadgets connect the shaped mouse utilizing three buttons.


  • Very good quality sensor with extraordinary accuracy
  • Incorporates a great deal of buttons
  • With RGB lighting adaptable


  • Not a reasonable decision
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