Top 10 Famous Healthy Indian Foods and Their Calories


A many individuals battle to find food choices that are sound and simple to eat consistently. Indian food sources by and large are loaded up with oil, ghee, and many flavors that make them to some degree less solid, yet imagine a scenario in which we let you know that probably the best Healthy Indian food are tasty and sound simultaneously! These are a regular staple that you can have over the course of the day and deal with your weight like a star! These food varieties are likewise exceptionally nutritious and will assist you with arriving at your wellbeing objective.

Top 10 Famous Healthy Indian Foods

  • 1. Pulses & Legumes
  • 2. Vegetable Curry
  • 3. Steamed Rice
  • 4. Dhokla
  • 5. Chapati/Roti
  • 6. Millet Dosa
  • 7. Poha
  • 8. Tandoori Chicken
  • 9. Idli
  • 10. Buttermilk

1. Pulses & Legumes


Heartbeats, beans, and vegetables are the most sound Indian food that you can find! They are stacked with supplements as well as loaded with protein. Vegetables and lentils are an extraordinary wellspring of protein for veggie lovers and vegans since they can’t eat creature protein. They are additionally loaded up with nutrients and help in the general development of the body. Beats likewise help in assimilation and are a phenomenal food choice for individuals with diabetes. It requires fundamentally less work to cook a delectable dal and poured over ghee on it. However, obviously on the off chance that you need unadulterated ghee, you can purchase ghee online to appreciate lentils.

2. Vegetable Curry


Vegetable curries are known to tasty and fulfill. You can cook a very sound Indian vegetable curry without settling on the taste. Utilizing solid cooking tips and techniques like utilizing less oil and adding yogurt rather than weighty cream can make your vegetable curry charming and nutritious. Vegetable curries are a scrumptious Indian food that individuals love to devour with chapati or rice. It utilizes flavors and aromatics that give a wonderful look and smell!

3. Steamed Rice


Rice is an ordinary staple that you will track down in each Indian family. It’s prudent, solid and keeps you full for quite a while. Presently, a many individuals accept that rice isn’t solid Indian food, yet on the off chance that you eat steamed earthy colored rice, you can dispose of this issue. It is loaded with fiber and has lower calories when contrasted with white rice. You can coordinate your earthy colored rice with a vegetable curry or a dal and partake in a healthy feast. best Healthy Indian food

4. Dhokla


Dhoklas are a well known Indian food dish, and it comes from the province of Gujarat. We can’t avoid this dish with regards to best solid Indian food things! A many individuals have dhoklas that are steamed on the grounds that they are low calorie and high in fiber. It’s sound delicious Indian nourishment for weight reduction and is diet-accommodating. The most superb thing is that it tastes delightful and has a wonderful surface.

5. Chapati/Roti


Normally Indians use wheat flour to make rotis, however these days, numerous sound flour choices are accessible. You can browse multigrain atta, bajra, jowar and ragi atta that is more sound and has less carb. Chapatis are exceptionally nutritious and utilized any oil. It’s a food that you can have consistently with a basic side dish and accomplish your wellbeing objectives without any problem.

6. Millet Dosa


Who could do without a firm dosa yet the issue is that it isn’t extremely sound! All in all, why not fix the issue and make a sound dosa all things being equal? Eating a millet dosa is reasonable for wellbeing and is likewise very compelling against weight reduction. On the off chance that you’re attempting to shed pounds, a millet is a magnificent choice for you. You can have it as breakfast or even as lunch!

7. Poha


Poha is made with puffed rice and contains less calories and no starch. That as of now sounds solid, right? You can add your #1 veggies to poha and partake in a delicious and nutritious dish. It’s a gigantic weight reduction dish, and individuals appreciate having it most as breakfast.

8. Tandoori Chicken


Tandoori chicken is a popular Indian food and is a mouth-watering dish. It requires very little to no measure of oil to make this dish. It utilizes flavors that supplement the kind of the chicken and is cooked in an oven or over a fire. Baked chicken is the most old and sound approach to cooking a dish, and it gives a pleasant smoky flavor that is delicious.

9. Idli


Idli comes at the top when we discuss south Indian food names. It is made with a matured rice combination and is then steamed. Idli is sound and contains a pitiful measure of carbs. It is not difficult to process and is a staple food in south India. It’s not difficult to make and tastes best with coconut chutney!

10. Buttermilk


Buttermilk is otherwise called chaach in India and is a well known drink, particularly in the summers. It is produced using yogurt for certain flavors and salt added to it. It is by and large served cold and is perfect for processing. Buttermilk likewise hydrates the body and holds the internal heat level under tight restraints.

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