Top 10 Best Numerologist in Bangalore 2022

Best Numerologist in Bangalore

Numerology is the study of numbers and how they relate to your personality, destiny, activities, and situations. The intrinsic vibration of the numbers offers upward push to those features. Best Numerologist in Bangalore helps us find out who we’re via way of means of delving into the underlying styles of the cosmos. Everything in the world, in step with renowned numerologists, is depending on the magical traits of numbers. Certain numbers related to people, locations, and activities can be useful in gaining a higher understanding of them or awaiting possible consequences.

Best Numerologist in Bangalore are professionals in computing the life manner depending on the numerology via way of means of call. The manner lifestyles are dictated via way of means of the concept of numbers and it likewise has a profound association with the planets. If you’re searching out counsel, at that factor you could open up to us. We are highly appreciated because the Best Numerologist in Bangalore.


Top 10 Best Numerologist in Bangalore 2022

  • 1. Sheelaa M Bajaj
  • 2. Dr. Kirti Kanodia
  • 3. Prashant Jituri
  • 4. Rina Gandhi
  • 5. Dr. Vivin
  • 6. Abhijita Kulshreshtha
  • 7. Rajani Chabra
  • 8. Kejita
  • 9. Maanya
  • 10. Shri Shivaramakrishnan S.

1. Sheelaa M Bajaj

Sheelaa M Bajaj

Sheelaa is the top celebrity numerologist in Bangalore. She has consulted and guided for over 30,000 clients from around the world, and millions of viewers of her Daily TV show on TEZ news channel, part of India Today Group and earlier on Headlines Today. She is sought after by other channels like CNBC news, CNBC AWAZ for her predictions on Election results and stock market movements. She also does talks at Corporate events and shares her insights in a particular sector using the esoteric sciences she has mastered over the years through her gift, thirst for knowledge, and experience with clients.

2. Dr. Kirti Kanodia

Dr. Kirti Kanodia

Dr. Kirti Kanodia is a certified Theta Healer, Trained Family Constellation Facilitator, Tarot card Reader, Past life Regression Therapist, Angel card reader, Inner child integration, Astrologer, Tasso Therapist and Reiki Master.

Kirti Kanodia helps people understand and dissolve their inner disturbances using a process known as Systemic Family Constellations. Constellations are a deep, profound and moving way to expand understanding and restore peace of mind.

The major insight of this approach is that at the root of problems are ancestral traumas that reverberate through a family system. A Constellation views these problems as messages to be seen and heard. When these messages are clearly understood, the disturbance is transformed.

3. Prashant Jituri

Prashant Jituri

Prashant, is an entrepreneur with a business background and an experience of more than two and a half decades of experience manufacturing. He is a Science Graduate and has completed accredited diplomas in various subjects. He is passionate about living a more enriched life and desires to help people recreate their best life.

He is an NLP Practitioner, Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer, Reiki Practitioner, Angel Therapist, certified Heal Your Life workshop facilitator, a Holistic Life Coach and an advanced Numerologist, consistently conducting various workshops and trainings, coaching clients based on inner growth and transformation across cities.

4. Rina Gandhi

Rina is a Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, Teen Empowerment Facilitator and Life Coach, an Angel Therapist, Angel Life Coach and a advanced Numerologist.

Her life purpose and deepest passion is to be a positive inspiring leader by helping others in their personal growth by creating change within themselves to achieve their life goals.

She is an avid follower of Louise Hay’s philosophy which, has transformed the lives of millions of people worldwide, and so also of her clients, through workshops, study groups, and individual one-on-one coaching.

5. Dr. Deepak Guruji

Numerologist Dr. Deepak Guruji is one of the popular and knowledgeable Numerologists in New Town, Bangalore. His expertise in Numerology includes numerical patterns and draws pseudo-scientific inferences from them by understanding what the Numbers predict about the concerned subject. Numerologist Dr. Deepak Guruji’s behavior, experience, methods & guidance makes him a priority for most people in and around Bangalore. Fees and other charges are competitive.

6. Abhijita Kulshreshtha

Abhijita Kulshreshtha

Abhijita has been practicing the ancient science of Vedic Astrology for several years now. Being very well acquainted with planets and planetary energy it was a logical progression for her to get associated with Numerology. She learnt it from her Guru and she has been practicing numerology for more than seven years now.

7. Rajani Chabra


Ms Rajani has been involved with making Numerology based predictions, since 1989, at a global level, with the aim of helping people to lead a better life by following path of Numbers. She is an experienced numerologist who has been covered in various publications for having helped people across various age groups through numerology. She has authored six books out of which two are based completely on numerology.

8. Kejita


Kejita is an MBA who worked in corporate for a while before she gained an interest in numerology. She learnt numerology and vaastu from Jaipur in 2005. After having gained considerable knowledge in this field she went commercial in 2007. She offers numerology and vaastu consultation on phone and even travels onsite if necessary.

9. Maanya


Maanya started practising tarot 13 years ago and helped a lot of family and friends. Then gradually read and practised numerology too.

Maanya writes about tarot and spirituality for various established publications. Her column appears every Sunday in Deccan Chronicle and every Saturday in Asianet. She has authored a book on Tarot in 2009-2010. She consults out of her studio in Bangalore.

10. Shri Shivaramakrishnan S.

Shri Shivaramakrishnan S.

This famous astrologer realized that Baskaran Astrology (K B System) had a solid foundation as well as a methodology based on scientific principles. He learned Baskaran Astrology personally from the legendary inventor, Shri. Thilak K. Baskaran himself. This esteemed astrologer is a follower of the Baskaran System and offers general predictions on issues related to health, longevity, relationship, marriage, career, finance, and business. His expertise lies in K P Astrology and Baskaran System. He gives accurate predictions that include Dasa Bukthi predictions, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu predictions.

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