5 Best Music Editing Apps Like GarageBand (Best & Free)


If you are into music editing apps than you would know that GarageBand is a great tool for editing music and it was originally created for mac and the entire IOS ecosystem. It is the most famous one-stop solution for anyone who wants to make or edit music. However, GarageBand is not free to use and it does not have an Android version either.

If you happen to have an IOS device, then you are good to go with this app.

We have curated a list of best music editing apps for Android similar to GarageBand on the Playstore that also offers top-end features.

5 Music Editing Apps for Androids

5 Music Editing Apps for Androids.

  • 1. Walk Band
  • 2. BandLab
  • 3. Groovepad – Music and Beat Maker
  • 4. Drum Pad Machine – Make Beats
  • 5. Music Editor Pro

1. Walk Band

Walk Band is already very famous as a GarageBand alternative. It was developed by Revontulet and this music editing app has recorded millions of downloads on Google Playstore already.

This app also has many instruments that you can use with your music and you can also easily convert MIDI to mp3 files.

If you have finished working on your files, you can upload and share your files on the cloud.


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2. BandLab

Bandlab is one of the best music editing apps and also one of the top GarageBand alternatives for Android. It also has a huge following on Playstore and need no introduction as well.

The app features an editor that even suits people who are just beginning in this field. It comes with a huge selection of tunes, beats, and even vocals for your music recordings. You can even check some great works on the Bandlab Explore tab to get some motivation.

It is also ideal for people with less storage space in their smartphone as it does not consume much of storage space. One of the best thing is that it has no ads or in-app purchases. 5 Music Editing Apps for Androids


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3. Groovepad – Music and Beat Maker

Groovepad – Music and Beat Maker, Are you still looking for an apt GarageBand alternative? Then you should definitely consider using Easybrain’s Groovepad. It also has an overall rating of 4.7, then it leaves no doubt that this app is one of the best music editing apps offering tons of useable features.

It offers tracks from various genres and also has a simple interface for easy use that offers tons of soundtrack. You will also love the party FX effects that can jazz up your parties.

Groovepad is another free – to – download the app. However, it offers ads, and you might make some in-app purchases.


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4. Drum Pad Machine – Make Beats

Drum Pad Machine – Make Beats, This app will allow you to create nice tunes by drumming on your smartphone screen. It also supports different tunes which makes it great for all kinds of genres.

Although Drum Pad Machine is not a similar app to GarageBand it does have many features that allow you easy editing apps like GarageBand.

It does have a lot of ads that might affect your editing. Overall, it comes as one of the top music editing apps like Garage Band.


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5. Music Editor Pro

Music Editor Pro, You will love this app because it comes with many interesting features such as an audio editor, ringtone maker, and also an impressive MP3 cutter. If you don’t mind spending money on music editing apps like GarageBand then you should definitely try this app.

The Editor enables you to trim and merge recordings. With an easy user interface, you can enter the features My Creations tab and correct any errors in your finalized edits.

Since Music Editor Pro is a paid app, there is no need to bother about ads and app purchases. But if you don’t want to spend on music editing apps, you can choose the free version.

Music Editor Pro

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