Top 10 Best Ayurvedic Doctor In Delhi NCR, India (Updated 2022)

Best Ayurvedic Doctor In Delhi NCR

The utilization of ayurvedic drugs across Indian regions has become broad over some time. With the allopathic and homeopathic market getting more slow, individuals are picking ayurvedic drugs that are offering quick and deep rooted help from sicknesses and problems.

The improvement of restoration focuses across India, individuals are visiting the Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Delhi who are offering the best ayurvedic treatment in India. The explanation being they have begun to trust that normal cycles of treating illnesses and issues are far superior to the use of synthetics.

With this outlook, we have thought of the rundown of Top 10 Best ayurvedic specialists in delhi NCR, india, who are offering brilliant administrations in treating any illnesses and issues with ayurvedic treatment:

Best Ayurvedic Doctor In Delhi

List Of Top 10 Best Ayurvedic Doctor In Delhi NCR, India

  • 1. Dr. Shashi Bala
  • 2. Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital
  • 3. Medylife
  • 4. Aastha Ayurveda
  • 5. Dr. Vikram Chauhan
  • 6. Shivnanda Yoga Vedanta Centre
  • 7. Keraleeyam
  • 8. Swarn Ayurveda
  • 9. Aasha Ayurveda
  • 10. Arogyadham Ayurvedivc Treatmernt cernter

1. Dr. Shashi Bala

Dr. Shashi Bala

I have been essential for Moolchand’s well known Ayurveda Center for quite some time. I’m a specialist in beat determination (Nadi Parikshan), and Prakriti-vikriti examination. My range of abilities involves assisting my patients with reestablishing harmony of their profile energies through Nasya-Nasal treatment, Sneha Vasti-Oil purification treatment, Kashaya Vasti-Herbal douche treatment, Shirovasti, Uttara Vasti, Udvartana, Karna Poorana, Kavala-Gandusha, Sarvanga Dhara, Netra Vasti, and different treatments. I’m additionally among the couple of specialists who can play out an Uttar Basti for gynecological issues and barrenness (in people).

Other than treating sicknesses, I practice preventive and healing ayurveda alongside the multi-layered upsides of yoga. Also I train ayurveda to specialists and professionals as a feature of our Medical Education program.

2. Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital

Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital

Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital has been laid out through the motivated vision of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Maharishi Ayurveda discusses all encompassing medical services framework to make a sickness free society and country which is very much credited through the foundation of this clinic.

One of its sort, Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital offers bona fide Ayurveda medical care treatments with:

Exceptionally experienced Ayurvedic Doctors (Vaidyas)
Capable and caring Therapists
Adjusted home grown equations applied in all medicines and treatments
Ayurvedic Diet
We likewise offer a large group of exhibitions like talks on Ayurvedic way of life and standards, Sthapatya Veda (Vedic Construction), Yoga treatments, Jyotish, Vedic Poojas (worship),etc.

Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital has been certify with NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Health care Providers Standard), which is perceived by the International Society for Quality in Health-Care.

3. Medylife


Ayurveda is an old Vedic science that was intended to get the body once again into balance request to mend itself from an illness. Ayurveda is definitely not a simple procedure for treating disease, however it is a study of life. Ayurveda trusts that recuperating begins from the inside and properties 80% of infections to the lopsidedness of the stomach related framework. Ayurvedic specialists respect mental presence, actual presence, and character as a unit, with every component having the option to impact the others. Ayurvedic specialists take on the comprehensive way to deal with analyze and treat their patients. On the off chance that you are looking for the best ayurvedic specialist in Delhi, you have come to the perfect locations. Here is a finished rundown of the ayurvedic specialists in Delhi.

Dr YK Saini is a rumored ayurvedic specialist in Delhi and has an encounter of more than 30 years. Dr YK Saini is by and by filling in as a senior Consultant Ayurveda at BLK Superspeciality Hospital, Pusa Road, Delhi.

Dr Yuvraj Arora Monga did his MBBS from Govt. Clinical College, Amritsar in 1997. Then, at that point, he did MD in Pharmacology from Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, 2004.

4. Aastha Ayurveda

Aastha Ayurveda

Welcome to Aastha Ayurveda Clinic Delhi, India. We were laid out in the year 2004 with a mission of spreading mindfulness in Ayurveda and overseeing constant persistent way of life issues under the keen initiative of Dr. Sandeep Madaan M.D.Ayurveda and Dr. Suman Madaan. Dr. Sandeep Madaan is an Ayurvedic specialist in Delhi of notoriety having the post-advanced education in Ayurveda medicines from rumored Rajasthan University and rich experience of over 14 years in Ayurveda Training focus and treatment.

He has been a specialized master at the Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Consultant with Globally rumored Maharishi Ayurveda. He is one of the most outstanding Ayurvedic specialists in Delhi

5. Dr. Vikram Chauhan

Dr. Vikram Chauhan

Dr. Vikram Chauhan is MD in Ayurvedic medication and is a specialist ayurvedic doctor rehearsing in a lovely city called Chandigarh, which is situated in North India.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan is a specialist nadi vaidya and routinely directs studios on Ayurveda at different worldwide ayurvedic focuses. He is welcomed by different ayurvedic associations and goes to gatherings overall for courses, studios, Ayurvedic meetings, addresses, patient assessments and heartbeat determination.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan has profound interest in normal medication and once has tremendous experience of ayurvedic spices and their purposes. His MD is in natural pharmacology.

6. Shivnanda Yoga Vedanta Centre

Shivnanda Yoga Vedanta Centre

Established in 1995 at the Sivananda Dhanwantrai Ashram, the SIH tries to recuperate and change lives with the old study of Ayurveda. Since our commencement we have helped thousands from the world over by giving purging and restoration treatments established in antiquated lessons while utilizing regular, natural results of the greatest quality. Arranged inside the Dhanwantari Ashram, we offer our visitors comprehensive mending encounters for the body and brain.

By intently noticing the ways of life and necessities of individuals, Swami Vishnudevananda, a famous expert on hatha yoga and raja yoga, combined the four ways of yoga into five fundamental rules that can be handily integrated into an everyday way of life giving the establishment to solid living. It is on these five rules that the exercises of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers are based.

This educational and enlightening fourteen day concentrated course will give you a great establishing in the standards of Ayurveda.

7. Keraleeyam


Keraleeyam an ayurveda and panchkarma treatment focus was laid out at New Delhi, the capital province of India in 2010 by the visionary individual shri T Jagadeeshan (Ex Defense) in help with his little girl Dr Salini Vikas, BAMS (Kottakkal), PGDCR who has moved on from Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala. Keraleeyam is participated in the training and proliferation of Ayurveda, the sublime custom of ayurvedic medical services framework hundreds of years prior, normally known as Special therapies of Kerala Such as panchkarma therapy, the old medical services study of India.

We offer old style Ayurvedic drugs and credible ayurvedic medicines and treatments to patients from everywhere India and abroad. All traditional Ayurvedic medications, treatments and master clinical guidance are accessible there. Exemplary Panchakarma treatment and other Kerala unique medicines are made accessible in our center under the oversight of Dr Salini Vikas. These medicines are viewed as compelling for different sorts of infirmities.

8. Swarn Ayurveda

Swarn Ayurveda

Swarn Ayurveda is a GMP and ISO ensured organization which is known for assembling quality Ayurvedic natural items, likewise called as “Place OF QUALITY PRODUCTS”. We follows every one of the standards of value control, expected for assembling Ayurvedic items for example Quality, Purity, and Standardization. Every one of the medications at Swarn, are made underproper cleanliness with mantras resonations playing behind the scenes which energizes the spices utilized and accordingly heighten the intensity of the medication.

We at Swarn Ayurveda accept as opposed to managing issues hastily, ought to dive deep into the foundation of the illness and figures out the wellspring of dosha awkwardness and treats it appropriately. We Provide rules on ideal day to day and occasional schedules, diet, conduct and the appropriate utilization of our faculties, wellbeing is the reasonable and dynamic reconciliation between our current circumstance, body, psyche, and soul. We have a group of specialists that will choose the right course of treatment and medications for you. With a feeling of obligation, each specialist endorses successful meds.

9. Aasha Ayurveda

Aasha Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the heavenly arrangement of medication given by Lord Brahma. Ayur implies life or life span and Veda implies Science. Thus, Ayurveda is the Science of Life. While allopathic medication will in general zero in on administration of sickness, Ayurveda furnishes us with the information on the best way to forestall illness and how to wipe out its underlying driver assuming it does happens. Our ayurvedic treatment focus in Delhi follows every one of the real standards of ayurveda as referenced in Samhita. Additionally, Ayurveda and Kerala panchakarma center around keeping up with the wellbeing of solid individual. It has given point by point clarification about Aharacharya (Food Habits), Ritucharya (Seasonal Regime) and Dincharya (Daily Routine).

Way of life problems like Infertility, fallopian Tubal-Blockage, PCOS/PCOD, Beej-sanskaar, Hair fall, Skin, Pain, Hypertention, Diabetes, Obesity and so forth are best made do with Ayurveda by an ayurvedic Doctor.

10. Arogyadham Ayurvedivc Treatmernt center

Arogyadham Ayurvedivc Treatmernt cernter

We at Arogyadham Ayurveda Treatment Center have a heredity of over 100 years in medical services began by the Late Dr. G. R. Agarwal. He was subsequently joined by Ayurved Siromani Vaidya Late Sh. V. C. Agarwal.

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